Gunter Self Storage has a large selection of Climate Controlled Storage Units available for lease in several sizes.

We’re located near the Gunter Annex, part of Maxwell AFB, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Climate Control

Some items, including furniture, tools, and clothing, may be fine stored in sealed bins in a standard storage unit.

However, other items, especially artwork, electronics, and fragile collectibles, may need to be stored in a unit that is kept at a specific temperature or does not reach extreme heat or cold.

For these items, climate controlled storage is a safer option.

This type of storage features connections to an HVAC system that keeps the temperature in the storage area constant throughout the year.

Gunter Self Storage in Montgomery, Alabama offers climate controlled protection for the safe storage of all of your items.

Benefits of Climate Control

Climate controlled storage is often the only way of safely storing some items off-site.

When exposed to extreme or fluctuating temperatures, some materials become brittle or break. Others may be damaged due to humidity.

Those who live in the southern parts of the United States, including Alabama, may find that the heat and humidity are too high during the summer months to safely store some items in non-climate controlled storage.

The climate controlled storage building at Gunter Self Storage maintains a consistent temperature range in your unit to protect your valuable possessions from extreme atmospheric conditions.

Humidity Control

At Gunter Self Storage, our climate controlled storage units also dehumidify the air in your unit, maintaining a constant level of humidity.

Humidity should be kept around 55% in order to protect most items. For some items, however, the humidity level may need to be kept even lower.

Make certain the storage center makes use of actual dehumidifiers, not simple air conditioning. While air conditioning does help lower humidity, it’s not as effective as a dedicated dehumidifier.

Items You Could Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Do you own valuable possessions that may be susceptible to damage from extreme temperature or humidity?

You should consider a climate controlled storage space at Gunter Self Storage, especially for stuff you can’t keep in your home.

There are many different items that fall into this category, though many people don’t realize it.

Examples of items that should be kept in climate controlled spaces include:

  • Books, documents, and other paper products
  • Artwork
  • Sports equipment
  • Clothing and bedding
  • Collectibles
  • Appliances made from metal
  • Electronics
  • Photographs
  • Wood furniture and other wooden items
  • Leather jackets and furniture
  • Musical instruments
  • Historic, sentimental, or unique items that cannot be replaced

If you’re in need of climate controlled storage in the Gunter Annex area of Montgomery, Alabama, contact Gunter Self Storage today.