Military Storage Services

Gunter Self Storage caters to our Military personnel and their families.

Located next to Maxwell Gunter Annex, part of Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Gunter Self Storage offers storage solutions for those in the military.

These servicemen and women are often in need of temporary or long-term storage due to being deployed or being reassigned to another location.

Those who are stationed in Montgomery, Alabama can take advantage of the storage solutions we offer, including climate controlled storage.

Temporary Storage

Military personnel who are being deployed or have been given a Temporary Duty Assignment (TDA) in another state may wish to put some of their more valuable assets into temporary storage.

These storage solutions offer secure, climate controlled protection for a number of months or longer as needed. Temporary storage may even be used for vehicles, furniture, and other large items.

Another use for temporary storage is when military members do a Personally Procured Move or PPM.

This type of move, sometimes referred to as a Do It Yourself or DITY move, is an authorized move that provides reimbursement for some moving expenses.

Example reimbursements include:

  • The cost of renting a moving truck
  • Purchasing packing materials
  • Fueling the vehicle

There are some things that are not reimbursed during this type of move.

However, in some cases, the individual may need to move to their new assignment immediately without time to fully pack and move their possessions.

In this case, moving items into temporary storage can be an ideal solution.

Permanent Moves

Military members who have been given a Permanent Change of Station or PCS order may also make use of temporary storage.

Much like those who are doing a PPM, these individuals may want to keep some items in temporary storage due to a lack of time to prepare for the move or lack of space in their moving van.

A PCS move does reimburse individuals for most costs, which is helpful, but it may still help to be able to store some items temporarily.

Long-Term Storage

For those who are deployed for longer deployments, especially if those deployments are overseas, a long-term storage solution may be a better idea.

This is also ideal for those who live on base but have additional possessions that they do not have room for. A climate controlled storage space can be useful for keeping furniture, collectibles, or other items that the individual doesn’t want to get rid of but has no place for.

If you’re assigned to Maxwell Air Force Base’s Gunter Annex in Montgomery, and are in need of storage, contact Gunter Self Storage today.